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Unclog pores, reduce breakouts and even skin tone with this best-selling serum that contains Vitamin E Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and Jojoba Seed Oil. Great for acne-prone skin. Made to reduce breakouts and even texture leaving skin baby smooth. This immediate hit is an all-around wonder oil, perfect for the face and body. It’s packed with premium ingredients for a dash of luxurious skin.

This product will also no longer contain a dropper top due manufacturing concerns with dropper tops.  


Adansoniacontains moisturizing Vitamins A, D, E and F, which help to rejuvenate damaged skin cells. Also rich in omega fatty acids, it does anti-aging wonders for skin by fighting free radicals.

Jojoba: regulates sebum production because it's so similar to the sebum that your body produces naturally.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that may be effective at reducing UV damage in skin

Tea Tree: Tea tree oil is a popular choice for treating acne because of its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It's thought to calm redness, swelling, and inflammation. It may even help to prevent and reduce acne scars, leaving you with smooth, clear skin.


Ingredients: Tripeptide‑5 , Vitamin E Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil, Turmeric Oil Root, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange), Fetau Nyamplung Oil.  Shelf Life 10-12 months

HOW TO USE: Shake well before use, add 2-3 drops to your hands and massage onto clean skin after applying moisturizer. This serum comes as the last step of your routine, just before sunscreen is applied.