Stacey Jumpsuit - Coh Dehnim


The Stacy Jumpsuit is our forever jumpsuit. It feels like a classic yet it’s always “now”…with just the right amount of movement for you to lean into it!! Belt it—or not!! Just do what you do!!

The details give you the freedom to make it completely yours:
3/4 sleeves to roll and tab
easy to cuff hem
plus inner side, slit back pockets, and a sweet front pocket too

Collarless plus button front makes the Stacy Jumpsuit a versatile jumpsuit 365.


Inseam: 28” (S), 29” (M), 30” (L) 30” (XL)
Length: 57” (S), 58” (M), 60” (L), 60” (XL)
Bust: 40” (S), 48” (M), 50” (L), 52” (XL)

Sweet treats:
5 pockets
Upper back tucks
Upper front tucks
Coconut buttons
100% cotton