Set of Three Wild Olive Bowls


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Origin: Kenya

Size: S: 2.5"D x 1.25"T. M: 3"D x 1.5"T. L: 4"D x 2"T

Kamba wood carvers have a knack for creating works of functional art from the wood of the wild olive tree, a fixture of the East African countryside. This slow growing tree's wood is characterized by a rich undulating grain that lends individuality to each carved piece.

The harvest of wild olive is strictly controlled to ensure that this life-giving tree will exist for generations to come. Kamba carvers work every scrap of wood into a useful item, from large salad bowls down to tiny spoons, giving each tree a life and continuing history in locales far and wide from East Africa.

Handmade African bowls make unique gifts for any occasion. Hand carved from wild olive wood and other exotic hardwoods, each set has a unique pattern created by the natural grain of the wood.