Gold(e) Water



 Our standard 2.oz glass gold bottle of nano & monatomic gold  

 Use:  Store in room temperature out of the sunlight and above freezing temperatures. Take one -2 dropper full each day on an empty stomach 30 minutes before eating anything in the morning. You may increase over time to twice a day as you use it more often. It does not need to be mixed with any other product to attain full results.

Good for children and adults of all ages Nano & monoatomic Gold is not known to cause allergic reactions and is non-toxic, however, DO NOT USE if you are allergic to Gold of any kind. If you need to test the substance on your body before use. Please apply it to a small part of your skin and wait a few minutes to see whether you have an allergic reaction. If a reaction occurs, please discontinue use.

Nano  Gold has no taste and is pure gold mixed in pure water. Colloidal Gold is not a drug and only acts as a mineral supplement. Nano & monoatomic Gold provides increased functions of the brain and helps to relieve stresses that are associated with anxiety and other symptoms that decrease well-being.

Nano & monoatomic Gold will help to improve learning abilities, focus, memory, energy lucid dreaming, pineal activation, anti-inflammation, hand-eye coordination, stimulate, mind, body, and spirit. With these abilities, you will have a heightened sense of self awareness and may use these functions to improve self through many different areas of your day to day activity. We are all born with gold us now its time to increase the amount.

We are GoldeWater and other products do not stand for what we stand for. The use of gold water and bringing it to the mainstream world is vital at a time our bodies are being over chemicalized as we eat more GMO foods every day. The sales from these bottles will help us fund even more projects that will help us help you and change the world.

We’re born with the element of gold within but over time we lose our gold because of what we eat. The ancient Egyptians believe gold is an elixir of the gods. After a nine-month period of drinking the gold you become a god. Tap in.