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The key to moisturized healthy glowy skin is clean skin. For centuries upon centuries, the people of west Africa have been utilizing Foos to exfoliate and maintain the beauty of their skin. And now you can too! Directly imported from Guinea, our Net Mesh Body Foos are unlike any wash rags or bath tools you have ever encountered. It's handmade nylon gritty texture gently abrase the skin, removing dead skin cells while unclogging pores for a smooth silky skin finish. Unlike many wash cloths, the net design in Foos eliminate water storage , reducing the chances of bacteria growth and perfect for everyday use!

For the best results we recommend immediately following up with a moisturizer such as our Body Love Cream. We do not recommend Foos for those with sensitive skin conditions or open cuts. Foos are washing machine safe. We recommend replacing Foos every 12 to 24 months.