2 Month PLUS Supply Jamaican Gold DRY Sea Moss

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Only use half a bag for a month's supply of sea moss gel. This type of sea moss expands up to 5X its size, so don't be fooled by the size! It can make up to THREE jars of our standard One Month Supply gel. The gel will last up to 4 weeks refrigerated. Monitor gel for signs of mold after week 3. Watch tutorial video on homepage on How to Make GOLD Sea Moss gel.

Plant Based Jeff Wild Crafted Jamaican Premium Gold Sea Moss

92 Essential minerals 

(Sea Moss is 2 ounces and comes in 1 bag)

Rich in calcium, magnesium, chromium, sulfur compounds, protein, iodine, bromine, selenium, pectin, manganese, potassium, iron, zinc, B-vitamins and vitamin C and much more

Sea Moss Benefits: Helps regulates thyroid ,Suppresses appetite, Relieves muscle soreness ,Boosts immune system, Nourishes skin, Helps reverse ED in men, Reduces Inflammation, Removes Excessive mucusBoosts mental clarity, relieves acid reflux and more

Highest Quality 

Always shipped within 2 weeks of harvest

Premium Gold Sea Moss

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