The Black Dollar

The Black Dollar

You've probably heard the statistic, the black dollar circulates in the community for 6 hours, while chinese is 2 weeks, whites are 4 weeks.

This is true, and we have to change that if we want to keep pushing forward. Some things we can't control, while others we can like where we spend our money.\

Especially on most consumer products. With the internet, more and more black brands are growing everyday. From clothing, to skin, hair and everything in between, we are making the dopest stuff. So why not support our own, and be the flyest around.

We are the culture, and we set the trends, so let's stop letting these corporate suits, tell us what's fresh, we know. Shop black and watch them watch you.

Buy spending your money with black, you can play a major part in helping us grow as a whole, and have more of an influence on building up our community.