Buying Black Matters

Buying Black Matters

With everything going on, and all the attention we have gain, is all for not if we aren't spending money with us. 

No more bragging about having Gucci this, Fendi that. Bigging up a white brand, like that makes you better than your own. We should be just as excited to buy some AYV Lifestyle as you are to buy that new Tory Burch.

We started doing it while brands like Yeezy and Pier Moss, but we need to keep that same energy everyday, and for all our products.

The white mans water, or in this case clothing is not better, so let our brands be known.

It used to, well I know I've been guilty of this, seeing a black brand on IG and saying I'm going to buy some of that one day, then I put it off, and then forget all about.

Now with Retail Black, this is The Black Shopping Mall, so now you go here first like you would do a Macy's or Nordstrom, and get all your black shopping done in one place.

Discover designers, brands, and even items you wouldn't even think black people made, and at the same time your keeping the money circulating in your own community.